Parama Poojaneeya Shri. Mohanji Baghavath’s  Effective Speech 



Tiruchirappali - Dakshin Tamilnadu

15-01-2019 - TUESDAY

The Dedication Ceremony of the Office of the “Sadhana Trust Trichy” was held on Tuesday, the 15th January, 2019 (15-01-2019). Parama Poojaneeya Shri. Mohanji Baghavath, Sirsangakalak of R.S.S. lightened the Sacred Lamp and dedicated the Office for the Service of the Nation after worshipping the Portrait of Bharathamadha with Flowers.

While addressing the Huge Crowd came for the Ceremony, Parama Poojaneeya Sirsangakalak, extended his Wishes for a “Happy Pongal” to all. He added that though he had visited Tamilnadu several times, he feels very happy to visit Tamilnadu during the Pongal Festival. He said that the Pongal Festival is celebrated as “Magarashankaranthi” in other many other places. He also stated the following : “The Pongal Festival is celebrated for Four (4) Days, in which the First (1st) Day is known as “Boghi Festival”. In the Ancient Times, during the Boghi Festival, People used to take the used old vessels made of mud to the outside of their houses and then break them. Thereafter, they used to purchase new vessels made of mud. When the old mud vessels are broken, that will not affect the Environment as it will get mixed up with the mud on the ground. At the same time, when the people purchase new mud vessels that will be helpful for the Livelihood of the people who make the mud vessels as a profession. This sort of procedures were well planned by our Ancestors.

The next day is meant for “Sun Worship”. During this day, in his Zodiac Path, the Sun starts his travel from Makara Rasi (Capricorn Zodiac) to Kataka Rasi (Cancer Zodiac). Though, the Chariot of the Sun has only one Wheel & Seven Horses and Lagan of the Horses made of Snakes and the Charioteer is a Handicap having only one leg, the Sun continuously does his Duty and travel. There are lots of stars visible in the night time. But in the day time, only Sun is visible. We feel his presence by his light and his heat. The reason is that  the light of the stars takes 30 light years to reach us but the Sunlight takes only 8 ½ minutes to reach us. Likewise, We all should take a Self Oath that we should work in such a way that our work  reaches others faster and be useful to them.

Only Good Characteristics, Attributions, Hope and Majestic are the Sources for the Victory.  Ravanan used to be known as a big Mighty and very much knowledged person in Vedhas. He was so powerful that he ruled the Country by keeping the Navagrahas as the stairs for his Throne. But Rama along with Lakshmanan in search of Seetha, went to Kishkintha and other places only by walk. Only the Vanaras (Monkeys), Birds and other Animals were helpful to Rama. However, Rama could reach Lanka by building the Ramasethu only because he had hope and majesty. Only after Rama completely destroyed the Giant Sena with the help of Vanara (Monkey) Sena, Lord Indiran himself tried to extend his help to Rama by offering his Chariot. Only after they got the hope that Rama will succeed and will have the victory, the Devas started wishing Rama. Therefore, we should have the hope that we will succeed.

This Sadhana Building is only a Tool. By using this tool, we should do lots of good things. The work and motive of the Association is to make the people good by uniting the Society. Then they will take care of all other work. Our weakness is that we believe that others are powerful.

Once a group of monkeys were chasing Swami Lord Vivekananda. Swamiji started walking faster. The monkeys also started chasing him faster. As Swamiji ran, the monkeys also started running behind him. At one stage, a Saint came in front of the Swamiji and ordered Swamiji to stop. Immediately Swamiji stopped running. Monkeys also stopped. The Saint asked Swamiji to turn and the Swamiji turned back. Swamiji took a step towards the monkeys. The monkeys went two steps back. Swamiji took two steps towards the monkeys. The monkeys went four steps back. As Swamiji started walking continuously towards the monkeys, they started running back and vanished. Our Problem is not the strength of others but only our weakness. We should create the hope and faith to our Society that we are not weak.

Where there is Truth, Dharmam and Descipline… There will be Success. In the Narasimha Incarnation, Iranyakasibu was killed. Lord Indiran was expecting that he will get the Post of the King of the Indiralogam immediately after Iranyakasibu is killed. But the God (Lord Narasimha) crowned Praglathan, the Son of Iranyakasibu and made him the King. Disappointed Indiran approached Brahaspathy, who advised him to wait for some time and Indiran patiently waited for one thousand (1000) years. The Regime of Pragalathan was very good. Thereafter, by the advise of Brahaspathy, Indiran went to the Pragalathan’s Kingdom Hall like a Yasagan and asked Pragalathan to give him a Confirmation. Pragalathan stated that in his Kingdom Hall whoever asks for anything it will be given and said that when the Lord Indiran himself is standing in his Kingdom Hall as a Yasagan, no need of any confirmation and Lord Indiran might ask for whatever he wants. Indiran immediately requested Pragalathan to give his Descipline to him and Pragalathan gave all his Descipline to Indiran. Immediately after this, a Human Form in the form of a Light came out of the body of Pragalathan. Pragalathan asked that Human Form that who is that and the Human Form replied him that it is Pragalathan’s Descipline. It said that “You gave all your Descipline to Lord Indiran. Therefore, I am also going to Indiran” and after that the Descipline of Pragalathan went to Indiran. Thereafter, another Human Form in the form of a Light came out of the body of Pragalathan who asked that Human Form as who is it. The 2nd Human Form replied him that it is Pragalathan’s Thejas (Brightness) and added it will stay only in the place where Descipline is staying and after that it also went to Indiran. Likewise Strength and Prosperity also went to Indiran one by one. Finally, Goddess Lakshmi came out of the body of Pragalathan and said “I will not stay where there is no Descipline” and went to Indiran. Parama Poojaneeya Sirsangakalak said that therefore, Nothing will stay permanently, where there is no Descipline and a stage will come that there will not be anything and we will loose everything.

Parama Poojaneeya Sirsangakalak stated that we should live without Selfishness with Pure Descipline and we should work hard to create everybody like that. He also said a story in this regard. The story is that… “”There were so many Ladies in the Zenana of a Sultan, who appointed only Transgenders and did not appoint any Male employees. Once One an unknown person gave an Orphaned male baby to the Sultan, who gave that baby to the employees in his Private Room to grow that baby. That baby also grown up as an Youth. One day a Snake had entered in the Private Room of the Sultan and all the employees in the Private Room of the Sultan started running from there by shouting that “If any males are there… please come and rescue us..”. The Male Youth also followed by shouting the same. Because of the situation, he had forgotten that he is a male..”” This is called that Self Forgetness. Parama Poojaneeya Sirsangakalak stated that we should make the Hindu Society to realise that who are they. He added that we are not a simple single human being but there is God inside us and only that God has spread inside all the souls in the entire world. Therefore, we should work by showing love and affection with all. This Intention should by inside all of us like a penance. We should act by uniting good people together.

Parama Poojaneeya Sirsangakalak finally stated in his Address that “This Sadhana Building should become an Instrument for Social Change. Good things should happen in the Society. We have to realise that the whole world in One. In there is Truth, Good Characteristics, Attributions, Hope and Majestic, the Energy will increase. With that Energy, we have to show love and affection on the Society and change the Society and through that Change Bharatham (India) will rise as a “GURU” of the World.

Scripture Slogans were enchanted before the starting of the SADHANA KARYALAYA DEDICATION CEREMONY. Thereafter, Shri. Rajendranji, one of Trustees of the Sadhana Foundation and our Kshethra Kaariyasthar in his Welcome Speech, welcomed all the people who had come for the Ceremony & introduced all the VIPs on the Dias and also briefed about the Sadhana. Then, Parama Poojaneeya Sirsangakalak launched the Website of Viswa Samvad Kendra – Dakshin Tamilnadu by his Holy Hands. Thereafter, Architect. Shri. Ramani Shankar was honoured for his dedicated work to build the Office Building. Also Site Engineer. Shri. Senthil and Local Contractor Shri. Muruganantham were honoured. Shri. Manoj Dharmar who belongs to the Organization namely “Citizen for Uyyakondan” was also honoured for the Purifying Work of the Borders of the Uyykondan Canal in Trichy undertaken by the Organization. Thereafter, Shri. Ravinder Kumar of “Rangaraj National Trust” for doing the service of supply of Hot Water, Kanji & Pongal in the morning time and Mixed Rice, Curd Rice, etc. in the afternoon daily to the Patients of Trichy Government General Hospital. On behalf of the Volunteers and Village Elder People of Srivilliputhoor, Shri. Marisamy of Srivilliputhoor was then honoured for voluntarily undertaking the dredging work of the Srivilliputhoor Thiruvannamalai Temple Pont, to increase the ground water for the villgers.

Thavathiru Sathyanandha Maharaj, Secretary of Ramakrishna Thabovanam extended his Blessing Speech in the Ceremony. During that time, alongwith him, Melkottai Jeeyar Swamigal, Mannargudi Jeeyar Swamigal and also Coimbatore Kamakshipuri Aadheenam were on the dias also blessed all. Then Shri. Aranga Varadharajan, President of Sadhana Foundation thanked one and all in his Vote of Thanks. Finally, with the Aikya Mantra, the “SADHANA KARYALAYA DEDICATION CEREMONY” has come to an end.